APT Rocket Build Academy 2017


Winning Entry 2017

Our winner George Christian is a second-year student at Sheffield University where he is studying for his BSc (Hons) in Computer Science.

George’s brainchild is the app GeoJob, a route planning tool that plots efficient routes between geographically distributed tasks.

Motivated to develop the project after a summer spent working for a company that required him to travel from one job location to another. Inspired to make his journey times more efficient,

He created a piece of software that allows the user to assign a priority level to each job. It then applies this information to design the best possible route in order to complete multiple jobs on a single trip.

Well done George.

Runner Up 2017

Runner-up Eddie O’Donnell is currently studying for his MSc in Computer Science at the University of Bristol.

For his entry, Eddie built a restaurant comparison website called Forage, inspired by the fact that his sister is a vegan who often struggles to find a dining spot that will keep both her and her friends happy.

With this in mind, Eddie set out to create an original app that would make the whole decision process easier.

Forage works by identifying restaurants in a given area according to the percentages of different dishes available on their menu, be that vegan, vegetarian or dairy free; a calculation which multi-value databases lend themselves to perfectly.