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About the Rocket APT Challenge

The Rocket APT Challenge was inspired by the Rocket Software Rocket.Build event for internal developers. This annual hackathon gives team members a forum to try out wild ideas and push the boundaries of their development skills. The Rocket APT Challenge encourages young developers to explore the Rocket® MultiValue application platform in this same spirit.

The mission is to design a program or application built on Rocket’s MultiValue application platform in support of a theme. This year’s theme is Improve your Community. Apart from adherence to the theme, there are no restrictions, and entrants are free to innovate to the limits of their imagination.

There are three regional contests: Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. In April 2019, the top three individuals from each region will be awarded a cash prize of:

  • $1,000 (USD) - third place
  • $2,500 (USD) - second place
  • $5,000 (USD) - first place

The nine winners will also be awarded an expenses-paid trip to Massachusetts, USA in June 2019 to participate in Rocket.Build 2019, where they will compete in regional teams to decide the global winner of the Rocket APT Challenge. The winning team will share a grand prize of $24,000 (USD).

The Rocket APT Challenge is open to undergraduate students 18 years of age or older who are currently studying engineering, science, or technology at an accredited college or university in Europe, Asia-Pacific, or the Americas. Registration for this global competition begins in October 2018 and runs for 60 days.


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